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Global Hemp Ecosystem in the Himalayas


KumaonKhand is where the rich tapestry of India's hemp ecosystem intertwines with the enchanting landscapes of the Kumaon in the Indian Himalaya. Our journey begins with the hemp seed, is nurtured by a pristine wilderness and it culminates into a seed-to-store tale of products. 

At KumaonKhand, we are committed to bringing value-addition to the Himalayan resources. From direct engagement with local farmers to the meticulous craftsmanship of our in-house manufacturing unit and innovative experiential initiatives, we embody a holistic approach to sustainability, community empowerment and innovation in the hemp sector in India. 

Come experience Kumaon & Hemp at our ecosystem, now live at Kasar Devi and Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand. 

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Contact Info: 

KumaonKhand AIH Pvt. Ltd. 
Kasar Devi, Almora - 263601

+91 8104 777 322

Book Your Hemp Stay: 

Kasar Devi 


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