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Hemp & Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Bathing Bar

Hemp & Tea Tree Oil Therapeutic Bathing Bar



Therapeutic Solution for Skin Problems: Our Bathing Bar infused with Hemp Seed Oil and Tea Tree Oil is specifically formulated to address a variety of skin concerns, including dehydrated dry skin, acne-prone skin, and oily skin, providing a therapeutic solution for a healthier complexion.
Hydrating and Balancing: Hemp Seed Oil and Tea Tree Oil work synergistically to hydrate and balance the skin, helping to moisturize dry areas, regulate oil production in oily areas, and reduce inflammation and redness associated with acne, resulting in a clearer and more balanced complexion.
Sulfate and Paraben-Free: Formulated without sulfates and parabens, our Bathing Bar offers a gentle and safe cleansing experience, free from harmful chemicals that may irritate or dry out the skin, making it suitable for daily use and all skin types.
Effective and Refreshing: With its refreshing scent and therapeutic properties, our Hemp & Tea Tree Therapeutic Bathing Bar provides an invigorating bathing experience that not only cleanses the skin but also helps to soothe and revitalize, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated after every use.

  • Ingredients

    Handmade with natural ingredients in small batches, our Bathing Bar prioritizes purity and quality, ensuring that only the finest ingredients, including a sulfate-free glycerin base, Hemp Seed Oil, Tea Tree Oil, and permitted fragrance, are used to deliver effective results without harsh chemicals.

  • Shipping

    Get free shipping via Delhivery logistics, with orders dispatched within one day of placement and delivered within 3-5 days across India. 

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