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This Return and Refund Policy (“Policy”) governs the return and refund procedures of KumaonKhand Agro Innovations and Hospitality Private Limited (“Company” or “we” or “us” or “our” or “Kumaon Khand”). We believe in following a transparent return and refund mechanism and this Policy sets forth the process followed by the Company. This Policy shall be applicable for the products purchased through the Company’s website ( (collectively referred to as “Platform”).
1.1. All products available on the Platform (“Products”) are returnable, unless specified otherwise in the description of the Product on the Platform.
1.2. The Products shall be returned only if they meet one of the below mentioned criteria:
1.2.1. If the Products received are in a damaged/defective state;
1.2.2. If the Products received are wrong or not similar to the one that the customer has ordered;
1.2.3. If the edible Products received by the customer are expired on the date of delivery of the Products; and
1.2.4. Any other criteria that may be decided by the Company from time to time.
1.3. A return shall not be accepted if any of the following criteria are met:
1.3.1. If the customer has used and/or damaged the ordered Product(s);
1.3.2. If the customer has altered the Product in any shape or form;
1.3.3. If the request for return has been generated after the permissible time period as mentioned in Clause 1.5 of this Policy;
1.3.4. If the photo(s)/video(s) shared by the customer as a verification proof have been tampered with or inconsistent with the Product(s) ordered; and
1.3.5. Any other criteria that may be decided by the Company from time to time.
1.4. To process the return of a Product a customer must communicate such request on any of the modes as prescribed below:
1.4.1. Phone: +91 8104777322
1.4.2. Email:
1.5. Any customer can initiate a return request by contacting on the above-mentioned email within 24 hours of the delivery of the Product(s) or such time period as may be mentioned in the Product description on the Platform.
1.6. The customer is required to send the photo(s)/video(s) of the Product(s) to be returned along with the Product’s receipt generated at the time of order.
1.7. Upon initiating a request to process return, the customer will be contacted by a Kumaon Khand executive for further verification.
1.8. Once the Kumaon Khand executive is satisfied with the verification and/or clarification of the customer, they shall confirm such request for return by the customer and shall initiate a process for a replacement or refund, as the case maybe.
1.9. In case the customer wishes to return part of an order the same steps must be followed as provided in Clause 1. However, products purchased in bulk cannot be replaced or returned.
1.10. Bulk orders cannot be replaced or returned. However, in case the Product received is damaged, then in such cases the customer can reach out to us as per Clause 1. Further, please note that determining whether a bulk order or part of a bulk order qualifies for return or replacement shall solely be at the discretion of the Company.
2.1. All refund requests shall be processed within [•] hours of completion of the return or cancellation of the Product in the customer’s source account.
2.2. If a customer cancels an order while the order has not been dispatched, in such case the amount shall be refunded within 28 days of cancellation subject to deduction of cost incurred, if any. However, in the event a customer cancels an order after an order has been dispatched but not delivered to the customer, a sum amounting to two way shipping charges and handling cost shall be deducted and the rest shall be refunded within 28 days of cancellation.
2.3. In case a refund has been requested by a customer, then the customer shall have an option to buy a similar Product based on the customer’s preferences as communicated to Kumaon Khand’s executive, however, in the event the Product to be replaced is out of stock, then the customer shall get the refund.
2.4. Only in the event where a damaged or wrong Product has been delivered to the customer, the Company will refund the shipping cost along with the cost of the Product.
2.5. Any Product purchased in pursuance of an ongoing offer or purchased via any gift shall be replaced in accordance with this Policy. In the event, customer requests for a refund for purchases made through gift card, coupons for the said amount shall be generated for the customer for future use.
3. This Policy is subject to change without prior notice. The Company shall have the final discretion for accepting the return and refund requests. The customer is hence recommended to read this Policy from time to time to be abreast with any such changes

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