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Pavitra is the Founder & CEO at KumaonKhand. His Dadaji had outmigrated to Delhi from a small village in Takula block of Almora in search of better livelihoods, a century ago.  He returned to his roots in Almora after completing his Masters from TISS, as a trained social entrepreneur with vision to foster entrepreneurial spirit in the Indian Himalayas. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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KumaonKhand started with a vision to value-add to the Himalayan resource Hemp, in the Himalayas. On field up to 12,000 ft. from sea level, we endeavour to create a sustainable indigenous economy through focus on fostering local entrepreneurship and innovation, by developing our community value-chain for cultivation, processing, manufacturing, R&D, and creating a model social enterprise in process, in the Himalayas, from the Himalayas, by the Himalayan people. 

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Internships @ KumaonKhand

Work as a Business Development Intern, build strategies and execute on ground. Work across streams, learn and apply while you stay with us or work in hybrid environment. 

Full-Time Professional

Are you motivated to work and stay in the Himalayas, and build sustainable solutions for the globe? Apply now to the open positions at KumaonKhand. 


Are you looking for community empowering leadership role, creating impact for Himalayan livelihoods. We accept volunteering applications round the year! 

Experiential Learning 

We've institutional partnerships with various colleges and schools for EL programs and exposure trips. IIM Kashipur is a partner since 2024. Show interest here. 

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